Patti S. Paulsen is an award-winning artist & educator currently residing in Temecula. 

She has a passion for teaching elementary aged students, painting live events to large murals

& hosts private lessons & parties.

Her work has been shown internationally, has won several contests including a piece bought for City of Temecula’s

permanent collection & currently performs as a Live Event & Wedding Artist.  


From a family of creatives, Patti’s journey as an artist began at a very young age growing up, she is proud to say she has visited

24 countries, raised in LA and spent summers with her family in NY, she was exposed to fine museums, lived in different cultural landscapes

& as an observant “only child”, she was always enchanted with the beauty that always surrounded her even in times of struggle. 


Patti’s mother was terminally ill and passed away when she was only 14 yrs old.  She turned to art where she found solace in creating beautiful imagery. She combined her passion of helping others through teaching and passion for Fine Art and received a Single Subject Teaching Degree at SDSU in Applied Arts and Sciences in 1996 where she had the opportunity to explore many fine art mediums, from jewelry manufacturing, bronze sculptures, ceramics, forging, textiles and more.  She believes that one of the largest influences in her life was studying a semester abroad at the Royal College of Art in London, and has been traveling, mentoring and painting ever since.


Her paintings come to you today with 25 years of practice, unabridged passion & effort, vibrant colors, thick brushstrokes, attention to detail and enjoys dazzling her viewers with color, light, and beauty with a bubbly and positive personality.  

 Her style is impressionistic in nature with a splash of hyper-realism painted in a modern color palette and utilizes

all the knowledge she has acquired studying her craft. She paints from a space of play, love, & joy in hopes to create positive

beautiful pieces into our world’s imagery. 

Her body of work focuses on vibrant acrylic landscapes but enjoys a variety of imagery

to constantly develop her understanding of the language of painting.


With love & blessings…

Patti S. Paulsen 

Our wedding....almost 20 years ago!  

Rancho Valencia - 1996 

Few Favorite Travel Photos

Ireland with my Dad, UK trip 2012

Paulsen Family European Vacation 2016

Costa Maya- Mexico  2019