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About the Artist

HELLO -Thanks for stopping by!  I've been painting since I can remember - my family were creatives and traveled to different countries and I was exposed to many different cultures, foods, and artistic styles. After visiting over 26 countries, (Costa Rica 2023 #27!), studying painting at the Royal College of Art, in London, UK and a career assisting international students at a college for over 15 years, teaching art for a decade - painting weddings is an accumulation of my life experiences. 

I absolutely LOVE connecting & wow-ing with your guests, inspiring other creatives, adding entertainment to your unique day while I'm painting a gorgeous heirloom painting that everyone is excited about. 


My clients will attest that I love my job with all my big heart- I feel blessed to have the talent to capture the love and feeling of your beautiful day on canvas.  I have been painting Live Events for 11 years and love each unique event.  There is beauty everywhere and love capturing the feeling in paint for my clients.  I know it is a special gift to help create life long memories through custom art and would love to create a custom piece featuring you and your family!  I'm a pet lover- so all pets are included at no additional cost as a bonus.  Clients are welcome to engage in the creation of the painting too- it's one of the best trends to hit the wedding industry and I'm so grateful to be a part of this movement.  

Please tell me more about YOUR unique wedding and how I can enhance the day!  

I'd love to work together- Check out the How it Works Page to learn more about the steps and pricing.  Next, complete the Interest Form if you would like me to contact you or you are welcome to text or call me anytime to find out more details.  


Hope to connect with you soon & make it an awesome day!   


All the best-




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