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Capture the Beauty of your Big Day

All paintings are painted in love and joy, filled with the best intentions for all my amazing couples. Every wedding is unique and beautiful and it's an honor to be a part of your special day. 

Blessings on your journey! 

- Patti


01. Pre-Wedding Day

Contact Patti & save your date with a $250 deposit via venmo at @liveweddingartist ​

02. Choose Your Package

Offering up front pricing-

*Couples Only 20 X 24 - $1,555


*Studio Finish (10 guests)

 20 X 24 - $1,999 


*Studio Deluxe Finish

Entire scene painted

24 X 36 - $2,888

*Canvas size can be changed

upon request. 

*Payment schedule is flexible.

03. Contract

Time to issue your contract where a payment schedule (1/2 payment requested prior to wedding day) and details of the wedding will be shared by both parties.


04. Wedding Day

Yay! Your long-awaited day you have dreamt of is here! Artist Patti will arrive at least 2 hours ahead of time and paint for a minimum of 4-6 hours live depending on your

package of choice.  

05. Studio Time

After your special day,

Patti will go home with your canvas to complete her personalized masterpiece for you.  Current processing time is approximately 12-16 weeks.

​06. Meet up to exchange the painting and final payment

I often meet clients at a winery and treat them to a wine tasting. We take a quick photo & exchange the painting. I'm also happy to meet at another mutually agreeable location - Stone Brewery is a typical favorite meeting spot!

  • What is Live Wedding Art?
    Live wedding painting is a unique and entertaining wedding and event service. It's a gift, a keepsake, and entertainment all in one and will forever preserve your special day. In just one glance, you will be brought back to your special day.
  • May I choose my canvas size?
    Absolutely! All live event painting quotes are based on a standard size of 20 x 24 or as specified in contract. ​ If you would like a larger or different size, please let me know. Most prices will be calculated for material and labor at $1.50 per square inch.
  • Why a wedding artist?
    Clients tell me time and time again it was the highlight of their wedding. Not only does it provide amazing, unique, and classy entertainment... but also leaves you with an heirloom painting - it's a win-win.
  • Do you require any special provisions?
    My setup is no more than 5ft' and travel with everything I need. However, our weather is often unsteady and please provide access to an umbrella or shade which is often needed at events, so please keep that in mind. I also would like access to an outlet for a light and fan which I carry with me. Please include a vendor meal as painting for hours straight makes for a very long day and would greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
  • What do you charge to add a pet or a relative who has passed?
    My pleasure to make this happen for you at no additional cost. All I ask is for you to be clear about your request and send reference photos
  • How do I pay my deposit? Or additional payments?
    A deposit is necessary to reserve your date. However, payments are up to the client, some like to pay in full and some like to do half/half and some would like to make several payments. To keep my bookkeeping as simple as possible, I try to funnel most payments through Venmo, unless you prefer check/cash. Upon request, I can provide links for paypal or Zelle if you wish.
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