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Patti S. Paulsen

Live Event & Wedding Artist

Hello - Thanks for stopping by my site! So glad you found me here!

I've been painting live weddings & events for 11 years. I didn't invent the new trend, but have enjoyed riding the wave of it's popularity.  Typically arrive several hours before your special day so that your guests arrive to a beautiful freshly painted canvas.  Guests love to watch the scene get more spectaculr thourought your night.  It's so much fun to interact with your guests and we create a one of a kind  gorgeous canvas for you to enjoy for the rest of your lives! 


I'm a wife, mother, rescue dog mom of 3, loyal friend, freelance artist & art teacher. I'm classically trained, have won several artistic merit awards, including paintings hanging in my local government office and currently reside in Southern California.  I possess a Single Subject teaching degree in Art and was blessed to travel a semester abroad at the Royal College of Art in London UK - what a dream!


I began art as a young child, my father was a creative from NY and worked in old TV shows like The Incredible Hulk, Partridge Family, and Bionic Woman - while my mother had artistic talent too as a freelance technical & medical drawing artist.  They were both first generation Americans from European Immigrants-musicians from escaping Nazi rule in WWII?!  Guess you could say that I'm from a long line of creatives, grew up going to art fairs, museums and have been blessed to travel to 27 countries & counting.  Was born and raised in LA, went to college in SD and spent summers visiting family in New York.  As an only child, when my mother grew ill - I began to excel in the arts and sciences winning awards at school.  I decided to become an art teacher and studied at SDSU in the early 90s (maybe before you were born - lol) Have friends all over the world and absolutely love love and love all kinds of people which works well at weddings!  To me- weddings are the most beautiful days and feel blessed to offer this service to my clients.  My paintings are always straight from the heart- created out of joy and made with love,  

Thank you for your time- I believe in synchronicities and feel you are here for a reason and so glad you found me!  Blessings on your journey- as a good friend says "enjoy the ride" & hope to hear from you soon! 



My artwork is currently shown at-

Lorimar Winery Art Gallery Vineyards & Winery

Thank you for taking the time visit me here - I'm an open book and would love to get to know you more!  We all have so much to share and it makes our interaction on your special day even more fun.

Would love to paint for you, your family & friends, not only entertain them but create a unique forever canvas you will forever treasure! 

Blessings on your new adventure! 


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