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Patti S. Paulsen

Live Event Artist

Hello - Thanks for stopping by my site! I've been painting live weddings now for 8 years. I didn't invent the new trend, but have enjoyed riding the wave of the popularity of being a live artist capturing your event.  

I'm a wife, mother, rescue dog mom of 3, loyal friend, freelance artist & art teacher. I'm classically trained, have won several artistic merit awards, and currently reside in Southern California. I possess a Single Subject teaching degree in Art and was blessed to travel a semester abroad at the Royal College of Art in London UK - what a dream!


I began art as a young child, my father was a creative and worked in old TV shows like The Incredible Hulk, Partridge Family, and Bionic Woman - while my mother had artistic talent & had been hired for technical & medical drawings. & Would you believe both of their parents were musicians from Europe escaping WWII?! So I am from a long line of creatives, grew up going to art fairs, museums and have been blessed to travel to 26 countries!  I grew up in LA and spent summers visiting family in New York. As an only child, when my mother grew ill - I began to excel in the arts and sciences winning awards at school.  I decided to become an art teacher and studied at SDSU in the early 90s (maybe before you were born - lol)   
You may find me on weekends either painting a couple's beautiful day on canvas at our gorgeous local venues all over Southern California or catching up on paintings in my studio, while enjoying balancing family time. 

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My artwork is currently shown at-

Lorimar Winery Art Gallery Vineyards & Winery

Thank you for taking the time to read this - I'm an open book and would love to get to know you more. It makes our interaction on your special day even more fun. Hope to paint for you and your family & friends soon to create a magical painting for you! 



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