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Live event painting lets you watch your wedding come to life on canvas through the eyes of an artist. 

With over 7 years painting live weddings and 30 years of working in the painting, I want you to enjoy your painting over and over again and pour my heart and soul into every painting I create. 

What is a Live Event painting?

Artists have been documenting events since the beginning of history- but somehow having an artist paint at weddings is a relatively new & trendy idea. Your artist will arrive a minimum of 2 hours ahead of your chosen scene- typically ceremony or first dance.  Once your guests arrive they will be surprised to see a landscape painting and that will continue to develop by painting the guests & the lucky couple into the painting.



How do payments work for live events?

Typically, a $200 deposit will reserve your wedding date as I will only paint one event a week, space is very limited.  

Fees begin at $1250 for a couple focused painting with a minimum of 5 hours on your event date.  


Payments are typically made in 2 or 3 payments.  We can work together to customize payments if you have any special requests- I'm happy to work with you.  

If you choose a studio finish it can take several months to complete as I dive into all the details in your wedding pictures.   This also means that our final payment will be due after your wedding.


Customize your package: 

If event is more than 45 miles from artist, a travel fee will be added per hour for travel time and mileage


Artist enhanced canvas reproductions of your paintings are available as thank you gifts and presents.


Thank you cards may be ordered on your behalf to share final image with your guests.. 


There will be an additional $50 fee if there is not a direct access for unloading.  Several venues take extra time and labor & can take several loads to set up and will take away time and energy of the artist. 

Any other add on's or ideas, please let me know, I'm happy to work with you.

Can I choose my size canvas?



All live event painting quotes are based on a standard size of 18x24, deluxe size is 24x30

If you would like a larger or different size, price will be calculated for material and labor at $1.50 per square inch 

Why should I choose Patti S. Paulsen as my LIVE painter?

Why me?  I'm a very happy dedicated artist & absolutely love painting real life fairy tales!  I truly care about people and want to do my very best for you.  I've studied and practiced my craft enough that I feel very confident in my finished product and past clients will confirm I only paint out of joy and the finished product shows.

My work ethic is outstanding: Have a fantastic attitude that people gravitate too- unlike a lot of other artists.  I've been working since I was 15 years old and now in my ummm....mid-fourties.

I use quality products: only professional double thick painted edged canvas with professional grade paints so you will not need to frame it- it's ready to hang fresh off the easel!

Always grateful: Thank you for your interest in my services- you will not be disapointed.  Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. Cheers!

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