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"When love
& skill work together, expect a masterpiece"

- John Ruskin

Hello!  Welcome to my site!

My name is Patti and I'm so happy you found me here. 

I can just pinch myself to get paid to paint real-life fairy tales.  It's the best! 

If you haven't heard of live painting- it's one of the newest wedding trends. 

The painting begins a couple of hours before the wedding begins, so your guests arrive to a beautiful & freshly painted piece that continues to unfold & delight their eyes.  


My style is a bit impressionistic,

I love finding color (my favorite- periwinkle) & enjoy finding all the details that will dazzle your guests for years to come all while entertaining and chatting with your guests 

Would love to hear more about YOUR unique wedding and how I can enhance your day- Let's work together! 

With love and gratitude- 

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